Before Depression
1660 - 1800


Thursday 19th June


12.00-1.00 Registration at Northumbria, tea and coffee

1.00 Transport to Sunderland from Northumbria

12.00-4.30 Registration at Sunderland, tea and coffee

3.30 Minibus to bring late arrivals from Northumbria

2.00-3.45 Session 1 at St. Peter's Campus, Sunderland University

Panel A: Theory Chair: Fritz Wefelmeyer (Sunderland)

Jeremy Schmidt (Victoria) 'Before Depression, the very idea: does an archaeological view help?'

Nigel Wood (Loughborough) 'The Spleen: Official and Unofficial Definitions.'

Melinda Rabb (Brown) 'Is "Before Depression" also "Before Paranoia"?'

3.45-4.15 Break

4.15 Welcome address by Professor Flavia Swann (Dean of the School of Arts, Culture & Media, Sunderland)

Plenary 1: Elaine Hobby (Loughborough)

'"As melancholy as a sick Parrot": Depressed(?) Women at the Beginning of the Long Eighteenth Century

Chair: Richard Terry (Sunderland)

6.00-8.30 Reception and Buffet at Sunderland Glass Centre

Coach pick up and transport back to Northumbria

Friday 20th June: City Centre Campus, Northumbria University

9.00-9.30 Registration

9.30-11.15 Session 2

Panel A: Female

Chair: Hélène Dachez (Toulouse). Room 033

Heather Meek (Sainte Anne) 'Creative Hysteria and the Intellectual Woman of Feeling: Works on Hysteria by Anne Finch, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Elizabeth Carter, Hester Thrale Piozzi and Charlotte Smith.'

Steve Chambers (Northumbria) 'Wollstonecraft and Depression.'

Ramona Wray (Queen's, Belfast) 'Depressive Patterns and Textual Solutions in Seventeenth-Century Women's Autobiography.'

Panel B: Re-Location

Chair: Michelle Faubert (Manitoba). Room 034

Alexey Taube (Latvia) 'Experiences of Melancholia in Rose Tremain's Music and Silence (1999) and Peter Ackroyd's Hawksmoor.'

Fritz Wefelmeyer (Sunderland) 'Importing and Exporting Melancholy and Suicide: Goethe, Britain and the Werther Effect.'

Junko Kitanaka (Keio) 'Reading Emotions in the Body: the Premodern Language of Depression in Japan'

11.15 -11.30 Break (coffee/tea)

11.30 Welcome address by Professor Peter Strike (Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, Northumbria)

11.30 -12.45. Room 031.

Plenary 2: Madeleine Descargues-Grant (Valenciennes)

'Burton & Sons: The Masks of Melancholy'

Chair: Allan Ingram (Northumbria)

12.45 - 2.00 Lunch, Lipman Coffee Bar

2.00 - 3.45 Session 3

Panel A: Male. Room 033.

Chair: Adam Hansen (Northumbria)

Diane Buie (Sunderland) 'Johnson's "Unhappy Valley": Melancholy in Rasselas.'

Jane Darcy (King's College, London) 'The Politics of Melancholy and Madness: Boswell's Johnson and Hayley's Cowper.'

Sabine Wendel (Münster) 'A "Stranger to the Spleen": Jonathan Swift and Depression.'

David Cross (Independent) '"The Admiral of the Blues": Romney, Depression and Creativity.'

Panel B: Novel. Room 034.


Chair: Ramona Wray (Queen's, Belfast)

Hélène Dachez (Toulouse) 'Love Suicide Revisited in Pamela, Clarissa and The Wanderer.'

Valérie Maffre (Montpellier) 'Melancholy and Seduction in a Few Eighteenth-Century Novels.'

Sarah Skoronski (McGill) 'Wollstonecraft's Maria and Postpartum Depression in the Eighteenth Century.'

3.45-4.00 Break (coffee/tea)

4.00 - 5.30 Session 4

Panel A: Court

Chair: Valérie Maffre (Montpellier). Room 033.

Mascha Gemmeke (Griefswald) '"A lassitude of Existence Creeps Sensibly Upon Me": Gloominess, Melancholy, and Low Spirits at the Court of George III.'

Joanne Holland (McGill) 'Diagnosing Regicide: Margaret Nicholson and Bipolar Disorder in the Eighteenth Century.'

Gillian Skinner (Leeds) '"Depression of Spirits and Extreme Alteration of Person": the Court Diaries of Frances Burney.'

Panel B: Cure

Chair: John Baker (Paris 1). Room 034.

Charlotte Holden (Northumbria) '"Contraries Often Prove Remedies": Laughter as a Cure for Melancholy in the Eighteenth Century.'

William Roberts (Independent) 'Dr Brown's Patent Remedy: Religious Depression and Music.'

Sophie Vasset (Paris 7) 'Medicina Musica: Music as a Remedy for Melancholy.'

5.30 Coach pick up

6.00 - 7.45 Reception at the Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead.

Welcome Address by Alec Cole, Head of Tyne & Wear Museums

, and by Professor Cheryl Buckley, Associate Dean for Research, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Northumbria

Viewing of the project exhibition, 18th-Century Blues: Exploring the Melancholy Mind

7.45 Coach pick up

8.00 Conference dinner at the Mansion House, Newcastle

Saturday 21st June City Centre Campus, Northumbria University

9.00 - 9.30 Registration

9.30 - 11.15 Session 5

Panel A: Poetry
Chair: Nigel Wood (Loughborough). Room 033.

John Baker (Paris 1) '"A Vapour'd Muse": Figures and Voices of Melancholy in Some Eighteenth-Century Poems.'

Michelle Faubert (Manitoba) 'Nathaniel Cotton and James Beattie: Graveyard Verse as Psychological Therapy for Melancholy.'

Gavin Budge (Hertfordshire) 'Romanticism, Caricature and the "blue Devils": Art. Soceity and the Depressive Imagination.'

Panel B: Thought
Chair: Gillian Skinner (Leeds). Room 034.

Nadine Jammet (Perpignan) 'Magical Thoughts and Depression in Eighteenth-Century England.'

Pauline Morris (Northumbria) '"Few People Can Bear the Unhappy": Sarah Scott and the Social Context of Depression.'

Matthew Bell (King's College, London) 'Forms of Melancholy Mimesis After Burton.'

11.15-11.30 Break (coffee/tea)

11.30-1.00 Room 031.

Plenary 3: Peter Sabor (McGill)

'Frances Burney and Alexander d'Arblay: Creative and Uncreative Gloom'

Chair: Stuart Sim (Sunderland)

General discussion

1.00 Conference ends

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