Before Depression
1660 - 1800

There are a number of downloadable items arising from the project. The following lists give you quick access to them.

Public Lecture Series One

'Understanding Depression' Dr Alison Brabban

'The Englishman's Malady: Goldsmith and Civilised Needs'
Professor Nigel Wood

'Women's Spiritual Autobiography' Professor Anne Laurence

'Revisiting the Boswells: Work, Politeness, and Melancholy in the Scottish Enlightenment' Professor Anthony J. LaVopa

'“The true culprit is the mind, which can never run away from itself” (Horace): Samuel Johnson and Depression' Professor Serge Soupel

'“Anxious Cares”: From Pope's Spleen to Coleridge's Dejection'
Professor Michael O'Neill

'Coleridge's Melancholy' Dr Neil Vickers

'Melancholy Amusements: Women, Gardens, and the Depression of Spirits'
Dr Stephen Bending

'“Mere Despair”: Alexander Pope and the Death of Hope'
Professor Allan Ingram

Plenary Lectures from the Conference

'"As melancholy as a sick Parrot": Depressed(?) Women at the Beginning of the Long Eighteenth Century' Elaine Hobby

'Burton & Sons: The Masks of Melancholy' Madeleine Descargues-Grant

'Frances Burney and Alexander d'Arblay: Creative and Uncreative Gloom
Peter Sabor

'Talking the Blues': two lectures given at the Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne, in association with the '18th-Century Blues' exhibition

18th-Century Blues: Assembling the Melancholy Mind
Professor Allan Ingram & Dr Leigh Wetherall-Dickson

Beset by Blue Devils: Romney, Wright and the Impact of Depression
David Cross

Public Lecture Series Two

'Get Happy! Romantic Psychiatry and the Addiction to Wellness'
Professor Joel Faflak

'Engraving the 18th-Century Blues: Hogarth's Representation of Depression' Professor Peter Wagner (University of Koblenz-Landau)

'The Limits of Sympathy: Newspaper Reporting of Suicide in Scotland and the North of England, c.1750-1830' Professor RAB Houston (University of St Andrews)

'Melancholy and the Talking Cure in the Sixteenth Century'
Professor Jenny Richards (University of Newcastle)

'"La maladie anglaise": French views of depression and suicide in eighteenth-century England' Professor Jeffrey Hopes (Université du Maine)

'Poor Maria & My Friend, Mr Shandy' Patrick Wildgust (Curator, Shandy Hall)

'Diagnosing and Treating Melancholy in Georgian England'
Dr Jonathan Andrews (University of Newcastle)

'Religion and the Body in Seventeenth-Century Women's Melancholy'
Dr Katharine Hodgkin (University of East London)

'The Ordeal of John Bunyan' Professor W.R. Owens (Open University)

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